Women of color in tech are BAWSES!


Let's rejoice and celebrate this moment of acknowledgment and achievement. Respect is one topic that make women aggressive. We demand to be seen for our individual talents and what we can bring to the table. When we do anything, it's done with passion. We put our heart into our work and we are insanely proud of that, so why shame us by not properly representing us.

Recently some genius took the initiative to roll up their sleeves and take a stand for women in technology. Women who spend endless hours working out codes, bugs, software and all the rest that I may be unfamiliar with. They put in the same amount of hours, I bet some put more, than the boys and are never given any credit. Up until now they were visually hidden from the masses and not represented on any press platform.

Well, guess what? Now they are. Women of all colors and ethnicities are now popping up everywhere. When post and articles are prepped for publishing, we have options to use who we identify with. My whole "Tech-ish" sector is dedicated to these women. The women who represent change. They are the faces of what our daughters, nieces and neighbors can strive for. If we had faces of women plastered all over the media in positive and empowering positions, young ladies would identify and step into position. Rather than being shamed for liking any particular subject, whether that be computers, technology, math, science or whatever - they revert to selfies. Take a stand and POST YOUR PASSION!

The ladies pictured below are now seen working together, reinforcing supportive roles in the work place and being straight #GirlBosses. I absolutely love it! So, obviously I had to bring your attention to the cause. Next time you see an ad with these ladies, or any particular commercial supporting women in general, know that we've moved into a new space in time where being a woman is amazing. Own it!

Check out the ladies and their debut here: Women Of Color in Tech. Repost and share using #WOCinTech or visit wocintechchat.com


Boss UpMarjoriet Gueche