Time To Do Something About It


For me, working out is thee worst chore in life. I hate it. I am naturally thick and since giving birth, two giant boys, I've packed on some major weight. Although I'm not opposed to being a big girl, my weight has welcomed some unbearable pains and quite frankly, I'm over it. I have survived months in discomfort and it's time to do something about it.

Recently my sister-n-law, Aura, discovered Sean T's latest and greatest dance program. As a usual skeptic, I was hesitant. Why would I invest in, yet again, another infomercial exercise program? However, Cize is different!

A few CD's teaching choreography to my favorite musicians, no brainer. After watching the commercial, I was hooked. Within days my package arrived and I was amped. A few pamphlets with meal plans, tips and tricks...al usual suspects in this type of program, but realistic goals.


My favorite part was their slogan, "The End of Exercize." Removing the concept of coordinated sit-ups and squats freed my mind from the stigma of "working out" and allowed me to enjoy dancing. Fun Fact: I LOVE DANCING. No matter where I am, once I hear that beat, I'm out. This was the perfect pitch for me. I was Sean T's direct audience and best consumer. No matter what mood I'm in, I am always done to dance. No excuses. 


So obviously I make the purchase and planned my first routine with Aura. We sweat our asses off. It was great. My boys danced, we bopped around to hip hop and felt great. This was something that anyone could do. No need to be coordinated, a natural dancer or have any experience. It's all step by step and super fun. Messing up makes it extra funny and keeps you motivated.

I'll be the first to admit, my schedule is garbage. I am insanely busy and really have to make time for myself. I fail at constancy, but am dedicated this post to keeping myself accountable. I have almost 50 pounds to lose and the only way to do it is by dancing.

So, with that said, get yourself on a healthy plan and join me as I challenge myself to losing this weight. As of today I have exactly 50 days until I turn 34. 50 pounds in 50 days is a ridiculous goal and with this type of commitment, you gotta keep it real. I want to just see results, with that said - here's my challenge:


  1. Commit to a goal: It does NOT have to be weight lose. Pick a goal.

  2. Make a plan: How can you get what you want? Who can help you? What do you need to do?

  3. List out your ideas: Get all your thoughts on paper. Look them over, review & organize.

  4. Deadline: When do you want to achieve this by?

  5. Communicate your needs: Start telling people your plan. Reach out to old contacts and network. Don't be afraid to ask for help. The Power of Ask - another post for another day!

  6. Stay accountable and consistent: Plan small goals to check off along the way. Stay on top of yourself by making sure you hit the small achievements along the way. Don't be afraid to reward yourself for making the effort.

  7. Share your success: Inspire people along your journey. Something to consider.

  8. Document your growth: Get a journal and write your story. If not for anyone but yourself. Reflecting on growth is the biggest form of self motivation. Read your struggles, accomplishments, notes and reminders. Reflect on how far you've come and revert back when you lost your way.

  9. Stay focused: Don't let any small failure steer you away from the big picture.

  10. Let's do it together! Tell me what your goal is, contact me when you did something that helped you, a hard hit that knocked you flat on your ass. Let's swap stories.

My biggest strength comes from my family. My sister-n-law and I often boost each other in this department. I'm guilty of cheating and she is the rock who keeps us on track. This is my oath to dedicate my energy to both of us. Our well-being is important to me for many reasons and it's time to step up. Although I'm the weaker link, my chocolate addiction is BAD, I will vow to you all: This is it. Promise.

I know amazing people who represent this Beachbody brand, so if you're on a fitness kick and need some support, follow this link:BEACH BODY COACH Isi Bonilla Ready to COMMIT?
Contact her either on Facebook or Email Isi@MommyTechDiary.com


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