Snapchat Filter Epiphany


I'm perfectly content having a freshly washed face and a good swipe of gloss as my daily look but today it seems we are competing or striving to be #FLAWLESS. As a working mom of two boys, I'm reminded constantly of all that is flawed. My time, my money and my weight are my daily struggles. So, IF, I had control in anything, even if it washes away at the strike of midnight and I return to a pumpkin...I'm willing to attempt it. This being my make-up. I recently discovered my Fairy Godmother on Youtube, Rosita Applebum, and have invested in some new products to help me achieve my favorite Snapchat filter, the Golden Goddess.

I can only dedicate a few mornings to this look because mastering it seems to be taking longer than I am willing to spend. I prefer to snooze those extra minutes, ya feel me?

So, here is my first attempt, but most importantly the lesson I learned was a good ol' morale booster.

Disclaimer: This is my first time "Baking" my concealer, "Priming" my eyelids and giving a shit about the final product. Yeah, I said it. I happen to think this filter makes me look like I have Jaundice, but it's fabulous, I guess.

I figured the butterflies were much, so no need to reenact them. The glow between my forehead and along my nose was a lot to achieve in reality. As much as I attempted to put on, I was equally quick to remove it. A slight shine was nice and appeared nicely on my unfiltered photo. As for my eyes, this filter slightly alters the size but in reality my eyes are gigantic and needed no adjustments, so I was also happy with my unfiltered eye make-up.


Interesting enough, the slimming feature was my favorite. An obvious correction would be to get my ass to the gym, or just use this filter and let it be a surprise when people meet me. The extra cushion in my cheeks took a beating with my contour but doesn't really come through in my actual picture. Contouring is AMAZE-BALLS!

Lipstick to me was dead on, minus a few more globs to give it that added sheen. Also, my tan added a special touch of incredibleness. I never tan, we've assumed over the years that the chemo I underwent magically created a warp around me and reflects the sun. Seriously! So this new shade of caramel is welcomed.

Ultimately, my unfiltered photo with my new make-up tips is the realest version of me you'll get. I don't need foe insects or glitter to make me feel Godly...I beat Cancer. I am a warrior. I'll pass on the yellow tint, or hold off until I'm pale in the dead of winter and will pat myself on the back for the features that were actually my favorite.

Brows of fleek.

Lips on fleek.

Hair on fleek.

Thanks Snapchat for helping me invest a few minutes on me. Allowing me to reevaluate what I thought was imperfect and focus on what I love. Me, natural or dolled up. I'm happy to present myself wearing my favorite accessory, my smile! Unaltered and genuine. Can't buy that kind of beauty!


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