No Excuses - Stay lit while running


When the days get shorter, runners, cyclists and other athletes might find themselves doing their daily routines in little to no light. But with low visibility comes increased risk for accidents (for the athlete themselves and for oncoming traffic). Fortunately, there are many nighttime safety solutions out there, but none more convenient and unobtrusive than RunLites gloves.

Sure, you can purchase headlamps, reflective wear, vests, shoe cuffs and a variety of other safety lights, but you often have to sacrifice your own visibility, comfort and convenience. But not with RunLites.

Benefits of RunLites for Athletes:
Lightweight, hands-free safety light
Projects light in front of you where you need it up to 15 feet
Lasts up to 12 hours continuously
Multi-mode flashing light options
Half-length or full-length (great for colder weather!)
Padded palm pocket for light storage of ID cards, money, or music unit
Reflective strip for added safety


Boss UpMarjoriet Gueche