My Niche Is Women Empowerment


I've been to dozens of conferences and events over the past 4 years, always seeking ways to contribute my talents to people and projects. Amongst the attendees were likeminded women on a similar journey. All of us pursuing a better version of ourselves and willing to spend a day off, together, learning and inspiring. I thrive in this atmosphere. I learn, grow and excel.


One of the most popular rhetorical questions repeatedly asked at these events is, "What is your niche?" Hmmm? To be honest, this always stumped me. Most people who follow me or know me don't even know what I do for a living. A niche? The one thing that I focus on? That is a loaded question!


I wear many hats; mother first, aspiring writer, giver and lover of many things. Many know of my work in the entertainment industry, but is that my "niche?" I wouldn't say that. I graduated from culinary school, and food is my passion too, but that is not my niche.


After reading many books devoted to women inspiring women, finding ways to contribute to other's success, hours spent supporting friends and family, and collaborating with others to create epic opportunities for women, I found that my niche was clear. I have devoted myself and utilized all of my resources to helping uplift and support women. My niche is supporting women!


At some point, throughout my career or life in general, I've made tremendous efforts to attend a show, see a painting, nominate, interview, write a review, help lend a pair of hands or an ear to the many inspiring and phenomanel women in my life. This is where I always find myself yearning to contribute more and where I thrive. Women honestly and whole-heartedly supporting other women. What a concept!


With that said, I'm ready to share this all with you. I am opening up my blog to 100 inspiring and influential women. I want to highlight the contributions other women are fearlessly offering with my readers. With that said, I'm calling in the big guns - YOU!


In the comment box below, I ask that you nominate someone who has touched you, a blog that you religiously read, someone who has shared their story publicly to inspire others, a mom, CEO, business owner, and earthy souls. I want to be inspired and want to share these stories with the masses.


Here are the 2 steps to nominate a #GIRLBOSS:

  1. In the comment box below, add their name, website, and social media handle. (However women can find them to follow the inspiration)

  2. Briefly mention what is it that they do or have done, the reason why you are nominating them.

Please forward, tag, share and repost this article so we can get as many nominees as we possible. I look forward to this article, so please help make it spectacular!

Boss UpMarjoriet Gueche