Elf Hydrating Eye Cream: Lifesaver! 

I put my make-up on in my car every morning. The natural light beats any area in my home, so it works to get the full coverage look I like.

 I am 33 years young but recently noticed a significant change in my hair and skin. Not a fan! I've been testing products for almost 4 months and have a nice collection of "the sucky products." Not naming any names, just know, not all expensive creams deliver what they promise.

Elf is an inexpensive brand found at mostly all pharmacies and delivers a product that's sleek, diverse and again, cheap. I'm a sucker for eye creams and this Hydrating Under Eye Primer left an impression. 

I'm notorious for creases under my eye and my concealer cakes up. I dab, blot, finger swipe...whatever, to me it just gets messy. Applying this cream helped eliminate the whole thing. 

My routine:

  • Wake up, forcefully

  • Brush my teeth

  • With a cotton pad, I wipe a few swipes over my eyes with Neutrogena Make-up remover; I like the way it sets my skin up for the cream.

  • Allow to dry...I get dressed.

  • 1 small pump of the Elf Hyrating Under Eye cream, apply evenly above and below the eye. Yes, both sides

  • Apply make up normally. #flawless

WellnessMarjoriet Gueche