Discovering Self-Worth and Practicing Self-Love Daily


It’s been a minute since I’ve connected with you but I had a breakthrough after the Female Collaborative event
and discovered that I was tired AF and needed to slow down!

I hate to admit it, but I was overworking myself and was not paying attention to my own needs.

I was burnt out!

So, as Ross & Rachel said, “We were on a break!”

I have been sharing a lot of this new discovery and process on my instagram, only because I haven’t been able to really wrap my head around what I’m even doing and fully blogging about it would just be words lost on a page.

What the hell is Self-Love?

I am great at taking care of business but fail short of taking care of myself. As an amateur in this process, I am willing to figure it out AND share the journey with you, even if I do it all wrong. I’ve allowed you all in my life to witness my story unfold, from career changes, motherhood, relationship struggles and everything else on my massive professional check-list. I never really know if I’m doing any of that stuff right, but give it all I have and haven’t disappointment myself yet. A matter of fact, I remember meeting Ada Rojas, Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire, and her advice has helped me overcome a lot of the general questions I’ve asked myself about my blogging style. Since I’m not consistent, don’t post polished photos or even have a “niche” audience, I always felt that I fell short in this area, UNTIL Ada sat me down (over tacos and margaritas) and set me straight.  She said it best when I asked her what was the secret to becoming a successful blogger, “There is no blueprint. Be you. That’s it.” So, in honor of being true to myself, I will do just that.

I have promised myself, my family and my commitment to my future endeavors that I will invest in becoming a happier and healthier version of myself. I have vowed to dedicate the same amount of time and energy into myself as I once did for others. (Did you hear that? What I “ONCE DID” for others!) Learning to shift priorities, set boundaries and put myself in the FIRST position is NOW what I am practicing. ME FIRST. The entire “FILL MY CUP SO I CAN POUR INTO OTHERS” mentality was the first mindful change that has helped me. With that, I’ve learned really quick that you’ll face disappointments, conversations and explanations. I’m working on a follow-up solution to this, as I’m currently in the stage of answering to many people who are feeling the shift and have yet finalized a technique to not hurt them BUT stand strong in my position, too. A true test of BALANCE and GRACE.

For now, I’ve been setting smaller goals for myself and keeping myself accountable to see them through. Rather than rushing to check them off, I’ve been spending time with the process. I have merch to launch soon, a site to revamp, and books to publish…all will happen when the time is right.

Another powerhouse friend, Nancy Ruffin, women supporter, people connector and overall soul doctor, (phew – this woman RIGHT HERE!) she hosted a Vision Board seminar that beat me to the core. Setting my mind SO Straight that it inspired this post, my shift and a lot of internalizing that was overdue.  She helped open my eyes to my own self sabotage routines. She helped guide me out of my own way, which allowed new energy to fill me up and help me see things in a different perspective. I’ve learned to listen to the messages the Universe is sending me and apply them.  People come into your life for a reason. They have messages for you and if you’re not paying attention, you are losing out on some pretty incredible life changing opportunities.

That is key is to pay attention, hear them, process and apply them.

Today’s lesson was sent to me by another incredible friend, @diamanteintherough_ and it was to remind me of what we often forget, “our stories have already been written.” We are great and we will deliver all the ideas and achieve all of our goals – in time. Rushing to accomplish them will just result in missing out on the journey and acknowledging our growth. As odd as it may sound coming from me, SLOW DOWN. Take deep breathes. Slow your pace and look around. Hold yourself responsible for enjoying the time it takes to get there, so when you DO cross those goals off your list – you feel accomplished, empowered and prepared for what’s next.