Urban Classy Spotlight: Joselene Martinez


Name: Joselene Martinez

City / State: Wayne, NJ

Age:: 33

Email Address: Drjoselenemartinez@gmail.com

Website: http://Www.drjoselenemartinez.com

Social Media links : IG: drjoselenemartinez , same for FB

Occupation:: Clinical Psychologist

Gadget of choice: (for your profession): Mindfulness oriented planners

Personal Style:: Flexible, multicultural, keeping it real, assertive

Inspired by:: Hard working individuals who like to challenge stereotypes

Urban Classy is:: Urban classy to me is the ability to appreciate your roots, knowing how to enjoy your background elevating and improving constantly through knowledge and experiences.

ABOUT: : My profession is my passion, but my story defines my style. I’m a Clinical Psychologist who left everything behind from my beloved Puerto Rico seeking to achieve professional goals to diversify my experience. Leaving everything behind was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but there’s always a purpose for everything. Moving around caused so much confusion, need to Adapt and the need to constantly redefine myself. I had to learn true self-love and awareness to stay faithful to my foundation and my vision. I can see now how all the struggles, challenges and adapting have developed me into a more diverse professional and how to foster hope from those I have the privilege to work with. It is my mission to spread the message of self-love as the most important skill we need to achieve and teach future generations.