Urban Classy Spotlight: Paige Dellolio


Name: Paige Dellolio

City / State: New York

Age:: 26

Email Address: Paigeitalia504@gmail.com


Social Media links : @aminahfranklin

Occupation:: Stay at home mom

Gadget of choice: (for your profession): Phone

Personal Style:: Classy/retro

Inspired by:: Urban classy

Urban Classy is:: Urban classy is empowering others to follow their dreams. It’s showing yourself that with a hard work anything is possible. To me it means leaving my mark on the world to make it a better place for the future. I am urban classy I am inspiring others that we all have something unique to contribute and to believe in yourself.

ABOUT: : My name is Paige I’m a stay a home mom to my beautiful daughter Aminah. As a mother I want to raise my daughter to be a happy, healthy, and confident young lady. Going through life lessons and being stuck in negative situations for what felt like my entire adolescence I realized I needed change. I had to remove myself from certain people, places, and things that weren’t doing my life any good. By the age of 22 I became committed to being a better version of myself. My quality of life became better and my relationships with my family were stronger than ever. Change isn’t always easy life still has its ups and it’s downs but key is not giving up. A year later when I found out I was pregnant with Aminah it was even more of a confirmation that this change I found in myself was preparation for a bigger purpose. I was as ready as I could be I was fearless to say the least. Since the day she was born I felt love this unexplainable feeling I never felt in life. Maybe its to love unconditionally or maybe it’s called happiness. I knew after leaving that delivery room I had this huge responsibility that this little girl is my world and she depends on me. Being a mom brings me the greatest pride and joy. Im living my life with the best intentions. Im a positive role model for her and to anyone else I can impact. Im passionate about elevating people. I became inspired to start writing books for my daughter. My goal is to tell her stories about life as we live it and for her to flip through pages in a book and see a family that looks like hers multicultural. I want her to always know how deeply she is loved. Ultimately I want my daughter to believe in herself and that whatever she wants to achieve she can indeed do so with hard work and persistence.