Year of Fearlessness


Two years ago I professed to the masses that I was going to dedicate an entire year to being fearless and I committed to doing one fearless act every week for 52 weeks including finally learning to ride a bike. Alas the year came and went and I didn't learn how to ride a bike. What I did do, and failed miserably to report, was I changed my entire perspective on what I can and cannot do, what I should and should not do, and what is and isn't fearless. I vowed to be fearless and a funny thing happened. I had originally though I would be leaning to do some skydiving and rock climbing and jumping off cliffs; I soon came to realize those are scary situation because my natural instinct to stay alive is yelling "STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" What was truly scary were the things that we overlook everyday because we are used to ignoring them and stuck in our ways. So I started with saying yes to things I normally run away from and by exposing myself to these presumably scary or forbidden situations over and over again I forever changed the way I looked at the "scary" things I face.

So for anyone who has ever wondered what I did in that year, I'm sure so many are dying to know *slaps knee and laughs at her own joke* here is your update! About 52 attempted acts of true fearlessness, at least in my book, some successful and some failures and all very very memorable.


Went to a protest
Went to a networking event by myself
I was interviewed on a podcast
Wrote and published my work on Urban Classy
Went to my first concert
Was in a moshpit (never need to do this ever again)
Left a horrible job
Started a job in a brand new industry
Went to my first summer festival
Traveled with a friend
Camped out in line for HOURS to get tickets to and exhibit
Traveled alone
Went to the west coast
Let go 100% of that guy (we all have the one guy who needs to be blocked from everything)
Slid into someone's DM's (twice)
Asked a guy to dance with me
Pierced my septum
Dyed my hair purple
Went vegan (for 8 months)
Went clubbing on a Wednesday
Embraced croptops
Got a Brazilian wax (why do people do this!)
Went to a spa and splurged on myself
Went to a party by myself
Joined a Meet-Up group with all new people
Went to the movies by myself
Asked a guy out on a date
Interviewed for a job in a whole other state (I wasn't hired but I was ready to move away had I gotten the position)
Explored my neighborhood (I've got New York as my backyard and I don't appreciate it like I should)
I cleaned out my closet of all the clothes that didn't fit me or made me feel less than amazing 

Spent a day in the park by myself reading and enjoying some froyo, by myself.
Saw Chicago on Broadway *swoon*
Made a budget and stuck to it!
Took my first mental health day ever (Nov. 9th 2016)
Spent my first holiday ever away from my family (NYE)
Surfed/attempted to surf
Hosted a dinner party
Went bra-less
Bought and wore lingerie (ooh la la)
Painted, ok I was also sipping wine and following instruction but the end result is beautiful and no one can take that away from me.

Here are some of the things that I tried but didn't quite work out.
I didn't...Take a dance class

I didn't... Learn how to dance period
I didn't... Address my mental health
I didn't... Address my physical health. (No worries I ended up in the hospital so I'm taking care of it now) 
I didn't... Finish paying off all of my debt (didn't accomplish mostly because of the bills associated with the above)
I didn't... Create a food blog
I didn't... Start a fashion blog
I didn't... Have a photo shoot
I didn't... Write about all of my experiences above as I originally intended. 
And last but definitely not least I didn't... learn how to ride a bike. 

But there's always tomorrow!