Urban Classy Spotlight: MILLIE TAVERAS


Name: Millie Taveras
City/State: Boca Raton, FL
Age: 31
Occupation: Owner of Reloved Consignment
Gadget of choice: Camera, IPhone, Mac
Personal Style: Simple & Eclectic
Inspired by: everyday women that go after what they want and are inspiring other women to do better and be of empowerment. I'm inspired by the women around me who have made something out of nothing how grandiose is that?
Urban Classy is: Being urban classy is to be able to transition and evolve whether it's in fashion, music, clothes,economic status, but never forgetting where you come from. Most importantly is giving back to the community and have influence.

ABOUT: My name is Millie Taveras, I am passionate about inspiring and helping women and young women realize their potential. I come from the Bronx, NY, single parent household, low income. These things did not define who I was to become or be. Life is what you make of it, you can either choose to be someone who can bring difference and follows their dreams, but it is all in your hands. I came from nothing, but always worked hard and never settle for less. I want to tell you to never give up, believe in yourself. You will go through struggles, and difficult times and that's part of life, you must keep going.