Urban Classy Spotlight: Stefanie Fuentes


Name: Stefanie Fuentes, The Life Architect
City/State: Bronx, New York
Age: 37
Occupation: The Builder, Customizer, and Designer of Emotional Lives. The Permission giving SHE-O of Better Life Choices of New York, An Emotional Architectural Firm. Empowerment and performance coach and Speaker. And 1 1/2 of the necessary movement, Not Your Momma's Podcast. Oh, I write sometimes.
Gadget of choice: (for your profession) It's a tie between MacBook Air and My Samsung Galaxy Phone.
Personal Style: Sync Jlo, Mary J Blige, Diana Ross, in 'Mahogany,' Mrs. Roper from the 70's sitcom 'Threes Company,' Peggy Bundy, from the 80's sitcom 'Married With Children,' and all things 90's Hip Hop/ 2000's Bad Boy/Diddy. Whatever Fresh To Death feels like to me at the moment.
Inspired by: Life. Layers. Humanity. The dichotomy of the good and bad, we all posses.
Urban Classy is: ME! Righteous-Ratchet, a mindset of balance, and acceptance of all complex things. The understanding that I am everything, yet nothing at all. I'll stunt, and make business deals, in Wall Street, in my three-piece suits and heels, while Nas Feat Diddy "Hate Me Now" feeds the BRALEM (Bronx and Harlem) beast in me, through my headphones, with my oversized hoops sitting on my shoulders, reminding me, that I am my culture, and my culture is me...and it belongs everywhere, especially where people don't want it to be.

 ABOUT: I thought about the 'right' words to share with you about who I am. I prefer the work I've done on myself, removing my mask, with others, and in creating Better Life Choices of New York to speak for me. Entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, life coach, speaker, podcaster; all of these are titles I possess, but none of them define who I am. I"m a brave soul, who travels this earth, connecting to purpose, service, happiness, healing, growth, knowledge, inspiration, kindness, pleasure, fun, luxury, knowledge, understanding, balance, and most importantly, love.