Urban Classy Spotlight: COURTNEY WELCH


Name: Courtney Cecelia Welch
City/State: Oakland,CA/San Diego,CA
Age: 29

Occupation: Founder, Courtney Consulting Agency and Director of Customer Experience, Noirbnb

Gadget of choice: My trusty computer

Personal Style: Stay At Home Mom Chic, also known as, comfortable, cute sweatsuit sets and leggings

Inspired by: African American women involved in public service on a local, state, and national level; My baby boy Caleb

Urban Classy is: When I think of urban classy, I imagine a woman that is sophisticated, upscale, worldly, educated, beautiful, with street smarts.

ABOUT: I am the founder of my own company, Courtney Consulting Agency. I specialize in virtual assisting, customer support, and business development for small business entrepreneurs. When I initially started virtual assisting, I didn't set out to start my own business. My original client April, was so pleased with my work she referred me to her friends and I realized I had a real knack for assisting entrepreneurs. I know how hectic things can be when you have your own business and being able to afford a full fledged support staff may not be affordable. I found my passion in being able to help entrepreneurs expand and provide the best support to them for their clients and customers. The one of the best aspects of having my own business is that it is location flexible. I can work from home or anywhere that I choose. I can travel freely and be present for my son, who is currently a model. I recently reached out to connect with the founders of the new home sharing start up Noirbnb. They were impressed by my professional portfolio and drive so they appointed me Director of Customer Experience for the company. It is exciting to be apart of a start up that is going to revolutionize black travel. One of the major projects I am working on for Noirbnb is our customer service plan. I want Noirbnb to provide top tier, concierge, high end customer service. The level of customer support will be unparalleled by any of our competitors. In addition to my professional ambitions, I am very passionate about combating economic inequality and poverty. Having gone through bouts of homelessness before, it is something that is dearly personal to me. I am an active volunteer with Wardrobe for Opportunity and I am in the running for a position on the board of directors for ECHO Housing, a non-profit that provides rental assistance and helps low income individuals find stable, long term housing.