Let’s Shake Things Up a Bit with Taboo Topics

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been writing a whole lot lately. I’ve been missing from the blog space for a few months and just now it hit me why – I was bored. Granted, I honestly have not a single second to myself, but when I’m excited about something, I make time.  The blog is up for it’s 3rd year this May and I think it’s time to take it up a notch. See, although celebrity news is “cool”, it doesn’t excite me as much as it once did, nor is it Taboo enough to keep people interested.

Once something is within reach, we crave more. And quite frankly, I want more too! Just like a child who has too many toys, but wants more – I want to fill my time with more ANYTHING that will create value to my content, serve you a purpose, thus making you visit more often and really connect on a personal level.

The tabs on display vary from GIRL TALK, RELATIONSHIPS, MOTHERHOOD, WORK, and a bunch more. Honestly, the TRAVEL tab is laughable at this point, since I work too much and travel a lot less than desired. Could this be challenge? Potentially.

Shoulder shrug ??‍

I need to get the hell out of NYC –  I need to eat foreign food, soak in the sun and feel sand in between my toes Or, I’m in desperate need of a vacation and will find any excuse to go on one. This may be my 2017 goal – “Busy Mom Makes Vacations (plural) Happen!” Now, THAT’S a headline that excites me!

2016 was a great year and it helped me discover my voice as a “Blogger.” I created a beautiful site to share my opinions, my experiences, my faves and even share a platform for a few ladies to post their stories too. This, however, has now become a cemetery of last year’s life. As of Day 1 in 2017, I redirected my focus and even made it quite noticeable on my IG. Posting inspirational quotes in a curated, yet annoying, pattern has helped me bond with followers and fellow soul-seekers. I’ve made it my business to post with purpose and share mini stories about certain points in my life. These small captions have created conversations, drawn friends closer and even had me unfriended a few times.

What do I say to this? Ehh, we are growing – whether it be closer or apart, it’s happening and I am no one to look back.


Now, with this new insight, I have a few of the headlines you can expect from me…and hold me to it. Some approved by family and some not-so-approved by family. I’m taking some risks here and bringing you all along with me for the ride. Here’s what to look forward to:

Taboo Topics such as:

  1. Working mom issues

  2. Dealing with ill family members

  3. Industry Disputes

  4. Social Media Friendships

  5. Support at home AND work

  6. Finding peace in a dress size

  7. Discovering your child’s sexuality

  8. Masterbation 101

  9. Demanding what you deserve in the workplace

  10. Identifying yourself as an “Asexual” spouse

  11. Teaching family about your hustle

  12. Raising Young CEO’s

Too taboo for you? Nah!

So, finally I am going to pull apart what I have been dealing with and share with an audience who hides it all. We all have inner battles and fight for acceptance and respect, but the level a woman has to deal with is unspoken and shamefully undeniable. So, I’m asking you to trust me and allow me to be your voice, speak our peace and create a community where the taboo is less than shamed and more regular schmegular.

Happy March 15th and see you in a month as a completely new writer.