Don’t Mess With My Alone Time


Telling a woman who has one too many fish to fry that doing something alone is crazy – is not crazy. Actually, I prefer to be alone. I am constantly surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, social media and noise, so for me an opportunity to be alone is like a mini vacation. I daydream about sandy beaches, hammocks and air conditioned hotel rooms with black out curtains. Don’t judge me! I’m human and don’t rest enough, unplug long enough and definitely don’t vacation enough…so with that said, I make time to be in my own company to prevent a nervous breakdown.

So, what does this mean? Well, in the 24 hours we are gifted daily and 7 glorious days in our week, I make a point to carve out “ME TIME.” As silly and selfish as it sounds, this time helps me hear my thoughts, prioritize my agenda and reflect on my goals. I feel its only fair to put myself first for a few moments before battling an 8 year old with an attitude, my sweet 6 year old, or rushing to catch a bus, type extensively detailed emails or slay the effin dragons in the closet. I mean, whatever your “things” are, you too have shit on your plate that sometimes gets the best of you.

Life is draining. 


So, for me, here are 5 excusable
“ME TIME” activities I make a priority EVERYDAY so I can prevent jacking someone up on a wild rage to find solitude.

1. Table for 1: Eating alone. Okay, I do admit that I may be on my phone scrolling through a feed or pinning on my favorite boards, but it’s uninterrupted and no one is judging me. So this counts.


2. In the summer, I opt to walk from my job to the Port Authority. Let’s put this into perspective – I work on 23rd and 2nd ….Port Authority is on 41st and 8th. That’s 2 miles of just me time. My thoughts, my music, my increased heart rate.


3. Release: Journaling might sound silly to non-writers, but the feeling of releasing your thoughts and looking at them makes a difference.


4. Stillness: After a commute like mine, I genuinely enjoy sitting in my parked car with the lights off. It’s a pause right between the traffic and walking in the door. Easy enough. Silence and stillness.



5. Water Pressure: Showering for a busy mom is the only alone time one is absolutely going to get. Note: The time may differ depending on how old your kids are. I’m at the “school-aged” level, which basically means I put them to bed at 9ish and take a shower at 10PM. The water is on and pounding on my achy muscles but it’s soothing and relaxing. I’ve invested in lavender soaps and shampoos to add to the experience. *Confession: I sometimes let the water just run and allow a few extra moments of aroma therapy…it’s worth it.


What are your simple ways to relax and detach? Let me know…comment below!