Part Business Savvy – Part Girlfriend Ming Lee’s ‘Best Marketer Wins’ is LIT

Reviewed by: Jacqueline Diaz

Ming Lee Book Review

From how to market yourself for free, to a step-by-step guide on branding, and even advice on facing your fears and goal setting, Ming Lee of Snob Life brings you her book ‘Best Marketer Wins.’

This book represents a small part of her journey, while a big part serves as a ‘get your ass in gear’ business book. Unlike a lot of business books, there’s never a dull moment, as Ming delivers her savvy branding and marketing advice. She shares advice and tips she’s used to not only make her first million in her first year in business, but helped garnish her 157K followers on YouTube and over 838k followers on Instagram, thanks to her great content and high quality 30 second videos.

First things first it is imperative that before you begin anything you must figure out the direction you want to go
— Ming Lee

At the start of her book, Ming is already calling you out as she states, “First things first, it is imperative that before you begin anything you must figure out the direction you want to go.” Ming takes you from dream process to action stage real quick! She has you ask the question “Am I really ready for this?” She not only gives great insight on the processes of branding and marking, but in the beginning has you check your mental and your goals. In business, she states in one of her YouTube Q&As, “the biggest obstacle in business is not lack of money, but consistency and dedication” and her book takes it a step further by having you journal  your mindset and goals in a form of great questions. Questions any want-a-preneur or seasoned entrepreneur should be asking such as, “Do you have the mindset and drive to become a millionaire?, What actions am I currently executing to ensure I reach my goal?, and my favorites ‘List your 3 current goals’ and ‘List 3 goals for 3 years from now.”

Power of Affirmations:
Your biggest competitor and your worst enemy is yourself.
— Ming Lee

Ming speaks about the power of affirmations and how its helped her become more confident in her business. “Affirmations are important to me, because I tell people, “Your biggest competitor and your worst enemy is yourself.” A lot of times we talk ourselves out of doing great things, like “Oh, I can’t do that, “ so I always say affirmations build confidence.” Ming encourages you to come up and write down a few of your own. If you don’t have any right away, she gives you ‘Ming’s 10 Favorite Affirmations’.

My top 3 from Ming are
1. I can achieve anything I put my mind to
2. Anything worth having is worth working for
 3. Never settle for less than you deserve.


Marketing and Branding: Before you can market your brand, you must fully understand the product and price the product and/or service you provide.
— Ming Lee

I think those who love and follow Ming will get exactly what they’re looking for. Those who’ve never heard of her would wonder “where has this girl been all my life?!”, well maybe not ALL your life but definitely since you’ve started dreaming up a business. That’s because she’s the perfect blend of girlfriend and savvy business woman. She’s great at marketing and branding, no doubt, but she’s also great at simplifying it and at giving  you a step-by-step guide. She talks not only branding, ”Before you can market your brand, you must fully understand the product and price the product and/or service you provide.” and marketing what’s important when building your brand, to brand recognition and staying relevant. She talks doing the client retention and growth, and of course, Social Media and all the ways to do things for free when you start. This book and Ming’s great advice and experience will help you not only get started, but take a good look at your current business model.

5 Minutes With Ming
One of my favorite parts of the book is ‘5 minute with Ming,’ here the author/business women does an impromptu interview. First she speaks directly to you about business, then she takes time to make you feel like you (the audience) is asking her direct questions. It’s a nice balance of show and tell. Consider it part Ming’s business lessons and part advice. Besides giving you top tips on marketing and branding Ming also talks time management, business on a bad day, and even talks brand v. personal life. Her outlook she says “for women, it can be even harder to maintain a relationship with men, because they tend to not understand why you have to spend so much time devoted to your business and not be so attentive” and she advises that “ you know when your personal life is hurting your brand-or your brand is hurting your personal life-because you become unhappy or unstable.”


Personal & Inspirational:
In 2011, I started wholesaling hair from this guy I bought my hair from. The rest is history.
— Ming Lee


Throughout the book, Ming talks a bit about her struggles and it seems to the reader, or at least to me that Ming is a strong willed and mentally tuff chick. Like the time she was kicked out of school, or faced eviction,  “In September of 2009, I was evicted from my apartment. Back to my dad’s house I go.” Says Ming, to facing the death of her father. “In December 2009, I signed the papers to take my dad off life support. He would never recover from the accident.” Through it all, Ming managed to stay focused and keep the promise she made to her father about becoming a stylist.  A decision that led her to her now million dollar e-commerce business and  brick-and-mortar Snob Life Studios. In all, she seems to remain humble while at the same time inspiring other women through her workshops and books. Something she advises women to do is ‘Advance Your Hustle’ via a section titled ‘There’s More Than One Way to Get It,’ meaning multiple streams of income. Ming not only has her e-commerce site, marketing studio, workshops and books, but I thought I saw her checking out properties/real estate in her last InstaStory. Ming is definitely a great entrepreneur to follow and aspire to. Make sure to check out her videos on YouTube as MingLee, as on Instagram and check out her other books — @iamminglee