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About Urban Classy Girls Club

Grow through what you go through with your girl crew


The Urban Classy Girls Club is for women who are seeking genuine relationships with ambitious, creative & supportive professionals. Using social media and online content, we introduce women to a new way of networking. Offering relatable topics as the base of our conversations, we help guide them away from giving up on their dreams and instead create opportunities to set, achieve and master them all.


There is no shame in sourcing a custom network of friends who understand that your goals are a priority and want nothing more than to see you win.

Meet UCGC's founder Marjoriet!

Founder of Urban Classy Girls Club, Marjoriet Gueche

 Welcome to the Urban Classy Girls Club!

I'm excited to present you a platform completely dedicated to women who are living their best life, but, most importantly, for those seeking guidance to start living theirs. I decided 5 years ago that I wanted more for my career, more for my family and more for myself - so I decided to venture into the world of networking. With no experience, I attended an event with a handful of business cards and spoke to anyone who listened. The outcome literally changed my life. 

I met women that day who put me in a position to win, who spoke my name in rooms I had no access to and who introduced me to their networks. I will forever be thankful for the founding mothers who helped launch my career, and knew early on that I would eventually return the favor to those who were ready to change the direction of their lives and really commit to following their own purpose, too. 

With that said, I introduce to you the concept that has been growing for over 3 years in my heart, The Urban Classy Girls Club - an ever-changing platform intended to inspire, introduce, guide and uplift women of all ages. Whether you're a vetted professional who can offer advice, a new writer trying to find your voice, or simply so new,  you don't even know where to start - consider this HOME BASE. A place where you can come to meet likeminded women, ask questions, join a club (or two) and grow together as a unit. Or, collaborate to make memorable and life changing experiences for the masses, we are all here for one reason and one reason only, to find what makes us happy and support others who are working on finding their purpose.

Today I am a blogger, entrepreneur and philanthropist; I am a wife, mother and work a full-time job - with limited time in my favor, I make my goals a priority and want to share everything and everyone who inspires me with you. I believe no one should be denied a dream due to lack of education, finances or resources. With the help of many women, I was able to discover my own potential and excel in areas I never knew were possible. I personally invite you to join a sisterhood of incredible ladies who are living their lives unapologetically and fearlessly, while I share the lifestyle I dreamt of on my blog, Urban Classy Mom. I encourage you to pursue your goals, make new friends, network and collaborate to create opportunities for yourself and others.

Sending you massive love & tight hugs,